Asheem Chandna

Greylock Partners
Asheem Chandna has served as a member of our board of directors since April 2005. Mr. Chandna has been a Partner at Greylock Partners, a venture capital firm, since September 2003, where he focuses on investments in enterprise IT, including security products. From April 2003 to October 2009, Mr. Chandna was a director of Sourcefire, Inc., a developer of network security hardware and software. From April 1996 to December 2002, Mr. Chandna was Vice President, Business Development and Product Management at Check Point Software. Mr. Chandna currently serves on the board of directors of Imperva, Inc., a data security company, and of a number of privately held companies. Mr. Chandna holds a B.S. and an M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. Mr. Chandna was selected to serve on our board of directors because of his specific professional experience with Internet security products, his extensive background with enterprise IT companies, and his public and private company board experience.